Pretzel Nuggets

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Pretzel Nuggets Fresh oven baked Bavarian style pretzel bites served with our house honey mustard and cheese sauce. $10.00

Bang Bang Shrimp

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Bang Bang Shrimp Hand breaded shrimp topped with yum yum and General Tso’s sauce $15.00

Vegetarian Wings

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Vegetarian Wings Molly’s Kitchen myco-protein boneless bites tossed wing sauce served with ranch or bleu cheese $13.00

Traditional Wings

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Traditional Wings house recipe marinated, fried and tossed in sauce of your choice served with carrot sticks and ranch or bleu cheese $16.00

Roadie Fries

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Roadie Fries beach fries tossed in P.C. sauce (garlic old bay) served with our house cheese sauce $9.00

Roadie Broccoli

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Roadie Broccoli hand battered broccoli tossed in P.C sauce (garlic old bay) served with our house cheese sauce for dipping $10.00

Crab Fries

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Crab Fries crinkle cut fries and house crab dip $14.50