Roadie Broccoli

Item 600000000564943706 1645900798

Roadie Broccoli hand battered broccoli tossed in P.C sauce (garlic old bay) served with our house cheese sauce for dipping $11.50

Crab Fries

Item 600000000564943700 1645900600

Crab Fries crinkle cut fries and house crab dip $15.50

Crab Dip

Item 600000000564942192 1645900647

Crab Dip super lump crab meat, cream cheese and spices with toasted french bread $16.50

Cheese Fries

Item 600000000564943702 1646946280

Cheese Fries hand cut spuds, jalapenos, bacon, shredded cheese, finished with house cheese sauce served with ranch dressing $11.00

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Item 600000000564942196 1646063126

Buffalo Chicken Dip house made with shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, cream cheese and shredded cheddar jack cheese. Served with tortilla chips $12.50

Boneless Wings

Item 600000000564988523 1645900155

Boneless Wings 1/2LB breaded boneless tossed in sauce, served with carrot sticks and ranch or bleu cheese $12.50